Delia (India) -Stroke (Female, 65 years old) – 2015

Delia is a 65 years old Indian female patient who got cerebral hemorrhage in August 2015 due to emotional excitement, which led to hemiplegia of her left side for nearly one month. Her MRI shows that a 3ml hemorrhage occurred in the right thalamus. She neither had epilepsy nor hereditary disease. She was diagnosed as cerebral hemorrhage sequela. She visited General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces for stem cell treatment in September, 2015.

Before treatment
-Muscle of left limbs was strengthless, while the muscular tension was very high, which limited his movement and also led to hyperpathia.
-Sensation of left side of her body was much affected and became very weak.
-She had hemiplegic gait.
-She was unable to squat down and stand up by herself.

After treatment
-Left limbs are more flexible due to the largely decreased muscular tension and enhanced muscle power. Symptom of hyperpathia has been released.
-Sensation of left side is better than before
-Hemiplegic gait is slightly improved.
-Under the protection of her families, she is able to squat down and stand up on her own.

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