Congcong- Cerebral Palsy (Male,4 years old)- 2010/2011

Congcong is a Chinese 4 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. He was full term born with normal delivery. Due to amniotic fluid water contaminated with I grade, after his birth, he underwent hypoxia and subarachnoid hemorrhage. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of speech and motor ability development retardation for over 3 years. He received the 1st round stem cell therapy in our hospital on 19th January 2010 with the good efficacy. He came back to us for the 2nd round stem cell treatment on 18th October 2010.

The MRI of his head before the treatment showed: thinner rear part of the callosum, T2W1 bilateral lenticular nucleus, higher signal of thalamus outer edge, full frontal angle of bilateral ventricles with thinner back part.

Before the treatment:
- The muscle strength of his waist was weak, so that he could not keep in kneeling position or crawl;
- He could not fetch objects voluntarily with normal flexibility and accuracy;
- He could not stand even leaning on the wall;
- He could walk by assistant with tip feet and scissor gait.

After the treatment:
- The muscle strength of his waist is improved obviously, he can keep in kneeling position and crawl by himself;
- He can fetch objects voluntarily with much more flexibility and accuracy;
- He can stand by leaning on the wall by himself;
- His scissor gait is improved obviously during his walking dependently.

He received the 3rd round stem cell treatment in our hospital in August, 2011.

After the 2nd round stem cell treatment:
- The muscle strength of his waist is improved obviously, he can kneel up independently;
- He can crawl faster than before obviously;
- His standing period of leaning on the wall is increased obviously, his body can be more stable, he can feel more relaxed of whole body than before;
- He can sit on the stool by himself;
- The scissor gait is disappeared and the tip feet are relieved obviously during his walking via holding his both hands.

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