Chen Yixin (China)- Cerebral Palsy (female,21 days old)- 2015

Patient Conditions:
The patient was born with full term caesarean section on March 12th, 2015. On operating table, due to it was local anesthesia, her mother heard that the placenta was too small and umbilical cord was very thin. So the patient was born without crying, only could make a very weak voice. After birth, the patient inhaled oxygen immediately and sent into Intensive Care Unit. After birth 6 days, the patient was detected with 7 kinds of diseases in Jiangxi Province Children's Hospital: 1, neonatal encephalopathy; 2, atrial septal defect; 3, neonatal pneumonia; 4, neonatal intracranial hemorrhage; 5, pectus excavatum; 6, neonatal hypoglycemia; 7, full-term low weight. Doctors told her parents that the situation was very bad, there may no hope to save life. After many inquiries, her parents were very excited to know General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces, Department of Cell Transplantation. The parents still did not give up for medical treatment. They came to General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces when the patient was only 18 days old. Director Wang Xiaodong did a preliminary examination immediately and also found the situation was particularly bad. Considering the patient's special circumstances, hospital finally decided to receive the patient. After birth 21 days, the patient accepted the first stem cell transplantation. She became the youngest cerebral palsy child benefit from stem cells in China.

Treatment Procedures:
Four times lumber puncture

Before treatment:
1.the spirit was poor, indifferent to any toys;
2.born with no crying and no expression.
3.cannot rise head and cannot crawl.
4.muscle tension was particularly low, limbs weakness. less, feeding with injection syringe.

After First Time treatment:
1.the second or third day after surgery, the patient began to have response;
2.the patient was more emotional.
3.the patient began to make sound or crying, the sound was much larger than before.
4.curious about new things and began to play with toys;
5.muscle strength increased. Hands can be raised top high and feet can kick people.
6.could dance with the music. turning when her mother told stories;
8.appetite increased, weight increased from 2.3 kg to 3 kg in a short time.

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