Chen Shuqin- Cerebral Palsy with Epilepsy (Female,7 years old)- 2014

Treatment for 7 years old cerebral palsy girl with epilepsy

Patient Name: Chen Shuqin, 7 year old, Chinese Girl.
Primary school student, premature delivery for 1 month
Start walking at 1.5 year old. Could not focus on things, reject to look at other’s eyes.
Had epilepsy when in 2 years old.

MRI shows paracele enlarged.
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Patient was accepted by our hospital in March, 2014.
Stem Cell Treatment methods: stereotactic brain surgery (1 time) + lumber puncture (twice)

Before treatment:
-Dislike talking;
-Reject to look at other’s eyes;
-Walking balance is not very good;
-Abnormal high muscular tensions;

1 month After treatment:
-Have more desire and good mood to communicate with family;
-Could stare other person for short seconds;
-Body balance much better;
-High muscular tensions well improved, walk better.
-MRI shows brain organizations density increased.

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