Barney (Pakistan) – Cerebral Palsy (Male, 8 years old boy ) – 2016

Patient Conditions: Barney, male, 8 years old, from Pakistan.

The patient was diagnosed as cerebral palsy and epilepsy. The disease caused by close relatives marriage. Congenital cataract with convulsions, large area of brain low density which lead to brain atrophy. Meningeal signals are abnormally enhanced. The patients were admitted to our hospital on March 1st, 2016.

Treatment Procedures:
•March 3rd 2016, First Treatment: 10:30am, antiepileptic and local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•March 7th 2016, Second Treatment: 10:50am, antiepileptic and local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•March 10th 2016, Third Treatment: 10:00am, antiepileptic and local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;
•March 14th 2016, Fourth Treatment: 11:50am, antiepileptic and local anesthesia ,lumbar puncture;

Before stem cell treatment
1. MRI showed brain significant calcification, malnutrition.
2. Head is small and present deformity.
3.strabismus, cannot sit alone.
4. Limb muscle with high tension, cannot stand alone .
5.limb movements are not coordinated, , cannot hold things.

After stem cell treatment
1. appetite is much better -- patients enjoy meals better, weight was increased.
2. high muscular tensions obviously improved.
3. More muscular strength-could hold things better.

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