AutismAutism is a neurodevelopmental disorder Autism spectrum disorder that usually happens in the first 2 years of the children's life. It's characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.

What Causes Autism

It's generally accepted that autism is triggered by abnormalities in brain structure and function, though no single cause has been identified as the trigger of autism to progress. Researchers believe that autism is a very heritable disease, however, environmental, genetic factors and medical problems are suspected as the main causes.

Symptoms of autism

The symptoms of autism may first appears when the patient is 18~24 months old, but they become more obvious and noticeable during their early childhood(3~6years).

•Autism Patients’ Social Challenges. Autism patients have social impairments and often lack the intuition about others that many people take for granted.Read More  >>

•Communication. Nearly half of the autistic patients don't have sufficient natural speech ability for their daily communication.Read More  >>

•Repetitive Behavior. Autistic patients present many different forms of repetitive or restricted behavior, which the Repetitive Behavior Scale-Revised (RBS-R) categorizes as follows. Stereotypy, compulsive behavior, sameness, ritualistic behavior, restricted behavior and self-injury.Read More  >>

•Other Symptoms. Some autistic symptoms may be independent of the diagnosis. Many autistic individuals display prodigious skills in perception and attention compare to the general population.Read More  >>


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