Alexander (Russia) – Cerebral Palsy (Male, 5 years old) – 2015

Alexander, one 5-year-old boy, who was born in Russia. He is full-term birth, and has the history of intrauterine hypoxia. After birth, he had serious pathologic jaundice, and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Alexander received the stem cell treatment in General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces on April 23, 2015.

Physical condition before stem cell treatment
The neck strength was weak, and the vertical status of head was less stable than the normal.
Both hands can’t fetch what he wanted. Activities were not flexible. It was difficult for him to lift his upper limbs.
Waist strength was poor. He could sit for 1 minute cross his legs.
He can’t turn over, crawl, stand independently, nor walk independently, but he had tip-toes for both feet and scissors gait. He had the consciousness to learn walking.
Both eyes were squint
He had poor response to sound, and had salivation.
He can only speak simple syllable words. His concentration was poor.

Physical condition after the treatment
Fine-motor activity of both hands is improved. Both upper limbs feel more relax than before, and it is easier to lift up.
Waist strength is significantly enhanced.
He can stand for 2 minutes without any help, and his heels could touch the ground. Scissors step and tip-toes for both feet have been relieved a lot.
The muscle tension of both legs is lower than before, while muscle strength is improved.
His eyes squint has been improved obviously.
His reaction to sound is improved.

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