Alena’s 2nd Course of Treatment Logs


May 9th, 2018, weather is very good!Alena and her parents are going to go back home in Russia. The 2nd course of stem cell treatment has completed successfully. God bye! Everything will be all good!


May 8th, 2018, she has lain on the chest with face down for several hours after the CT-guided stem cell injection. Dr Cheng, the expert of stem cell treatment has more than 13 years of clinical experience of stem cell therapy.

She has received a gift from “HELP FOUNDATION” which also helped her out for this 2nd treatment. She likes the gift panda very much. Dr Cheng’s assistant also helped a lot.


16:15, 7th of May, 2018, Alena entered the CT room of our hospital, ready for her 2nd CT-guided stem cell injection.Doctors are preparing for the injection. This unique way of stem cell treatment does not need the patient to receive anesthesia and the wound is really small, only a tiny hole caused by a needle. Her father is also helping to prepare.


16:30, Doctor Cheng is sterilizing the specific position that he is going to inject stem cells. Doctor is going to insert the locating needle into spinal cord.

16:56, injection has completed successfully.


May 3rd, the weather is sunny and warm, we went out and have some delicious Chinese dumplings. Everything will be better!next week she is going to have another CT guided treatment.


On May 2nd, Alena just completed her lumbar puncture successfully and she needed some rest.
After the lumbar puncture she needs to lie down on the bed without pillow for several hours.


Pics taken on April the 28, 2018, now Alena can sit up by herself. She can keep sitting up without hands supporting on the bed, thanks to the modern technology and experiences of our Dr. Cheng.


This pic was taken on September 1st, 2017.  Around 3 months after her injury, she could not sit up by herself.

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