Alena (Russian) –Spinal Cord Injury (Female, 19 years old) – 2017

Spinal Cord InjuryFemale, 19 years old, Russian.
Patient admitted to General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces Medical Association---Intech Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Beijing on August 29, 2017 for biological treatment.

Alena, a girl from libizk, she was a Russian athlete and was familiar by the public. She started to practice gymnastics when she was only three years old. It has been 16 years till 2017. Alena was a trophy winner of the CIS national championship event and also a member of the Russian modern dance team. At the end of April 2017, she won the trophy of the Russian modern dance championship and she was planning to participate European Championship soon...

There are many possibilities for her future: sunshine, smile, awards, admires from others and applause......

Spinal Cord Injury

However, the peace was subverted in a flash.

Spinal Cord Injury
May 9, 2017, Alena suffered a car accident accidentally, the driver escaped till now.
Centrum T5 completed injury, cerebral concussion, left ribs 3-5,7-11 fracture, left lung contusion.

What does D5 complete spinal cord injury mean?
There is no any perception below thoracic segments, patient can not feel the exits of her own belly, waist, bladders, bowel, legs, feet …nothing. For Alena, she cannot sit alone, cannot lay down by herself, cannot stand, cannot walk anything......

Spinal Cord Injury

Life suddenly becomes empty, misty.

It is undoubtedly a heavy attack for an ordinary family. As the driver is still escaping, how to deal with the huge treatment cost? Where could Alena get the best treatment? Can Alena stand up again? What should Alena do in the future?

Alena’s parents calm down soon. They look for the most advanced treatment of spinal cord injury for Alena. They consulted a number of hospitals in Europe and Asia.

There're plenty of information for spinal cord injury treatment online. Finally, they hesitate between German and Chinese hospitals. By that time, a lady told them that her child was treated in one Chinese military hospital with stem cells therapy and it has a good effect on her child. After one month’s consultation, they finally made the decision to go to China with the money borrowed from others.

After arriving the hospital, Alena’s parents still have kinds of worries due to a huge pressure. What if they’re cheated? What if Alena is not suitable for treatment after examination? What if no any improvements after treatment? Whether Chinese medicine is effective to try? Is rehabilitation more important than stem cells? Why other hospitals offer cheaper? ......

After our hospital staff’s detailed explanation, Alena’s parents finally calmed down and cooperated with stem cell therapy and rehabilitation training actively.

Spinal Cord Injury

Basic Medical History
• May 9th 2017, patient suffered a car accident and accepted left thoracic surgery, T5-7 spinal decompression surgery, and T5-7 vertebral pedicle fixation and dislocation reduction in the same day.
• Diagnosis: centrum T6 complex closed fracture; centrum T5 full transverse spinal cord injury; brain concussion ; left rib 3-5,7-11 fracture; left lung contusion.
• Consciousness normal; smell is normal; vision is normal; pupil D = S, normal rotation, lateral rotation of the nystagmus; swallowing function is normal; tongue position is normal; double lower limb paralysis.
• Patient cannot move her legs by herself and feel numbness; cannot feel anything about lower limbs.
• Do not have bowel and urine sensation and control.
• Legs are not shrinking; feet and legs are warm and no cold phenomenon; feet and legs could move involuntarily; can breathe freely; left lung squeeze to 1/3; left hand cannot lift up because of the contusion.

Treatment Procedures

Date Item Content Note
29th Aug Hospitalization 6:00am Patient was accompanied by parents and all lived together in the hospital
29th  Aug Expert consultation and regular Examination 1.7:00am: consulted with Dr Cheng to determine the treatment plan and time for first treatment. 1 lumber puncture + 2 CT guidance.
2.14:00pm: ECG and chest PA test.
3. Next day 6:00am: blood & urine test.
Dr Cheng conducted a detailed examination and concluded that patient was very suitable for stem cell therapy.  After treatment, sensation level and waist strength will be improved; bowels and bladders function will be improved.
30th Aug  First Treatment CT-guided Intraspinal injection:
18:30pm, local  anesthesia
1.Family signed surgery agreement before surgery;
2.Prepare suction and oxygen equipment and ECG monitor in the CT surgery room ;
3.Postoperative, keep lie prostrate for 4-6 hours;
4.One hour after surgery, patient was allowed to drink some water.
4th Sep Second Treatment Lumbar puncture:

16:00pm, local  anesthesia

1.Disinfection before surgery about half an hour .
2.No adverse reactions after surgery.
6th Sep Third Treatment CT-guided Intraspinal injection: 16:00pm, local anesthesia 1.physical examination half an hour before surgery;
2.Postoperative, keep lie prostrate for 4-6 hours.
13th Sep Discharge 12:00am


CT-guided Intraspinal injection

CT-guided intraspinal injection was first created by Dr. Cheng Hongbin in 2005. It has more than 10 years of clinical experience and treated more than 3000 spinal cord injury patients till now, and the effect is quite obvious.

spinal cord injuryspinal cord injury

Before After
T5-T7 completed injury, no any feeling below ensisternum Injury sensation level move lower about 6 cm, and have feel in the back and legs.
Left upper limb cannot lift up. Upper limb strength increased, the upper left limb can easily lift up higher.
Waist is lack of strength; cannot sit alone;

Cannot lay down from the sitting position; cannot move her own body; cannot stand and walk alone; need people to help turn over completely.

Increase the strength of the waist, can sit alone, from the seat position to lay down by herself.
Can not feel the presence of legs and waist before surgery. Can sense the presence of legs and waist; with external stimulation, the thigh muscles have contraction perception.
Legs without any feeling. From whole leg to feet soles, patient has feeling of numbness and over inductance, can sense the legs.


After the first day of CT surgery, Alena had a sense of heat from the thigh to the feet soles.
After the second day, sensation level moved down significantly.

spinal cord injury

Videos After Treatment

1.Sensory surface level lower

2.Lay down from sit position independently

3.Sit alone

Not all the patients, as lucky as Alena, could get such a huge improvement in a short period of two weeks. It has a great relationship with the patient's physical condition, the timeliness of treatment, the doctor's experience, the quality of stem cells, supporting facilities and customer services and so on.

Hope the parents could plan for child's future: Make right choice, Go right place!

spinal cord injuryspinal cord injury
Looking forward to the day, Leaps Again!
spinal cord injuryspinal cord injury

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