Ajie-  C4-C5 Spinal Cord Injury with High Paraplegia (Male,23 years old)- 2008

Ajie is a Chinese 23 years old male patient suffering from spinal cord injury. He happened to undergo a car crash, which led to C4-C5 vertebras fracture, then he was diagnosed as spinal cord injury with high paraplegia.

He received 1st round stem cell treatment in our hospital in December, 2008.

Before the 1st round stem cell treatment:
- He suffered from quadriplegia, which caused him only lie on bed by back with slight twitching, he could not sit, stand or walk by himself, he could not perform daily activity by himself;
- His sensation level was on the top of manubrium, the body sensation beneath the manubrium level was disappeared;
- He could perceive chest tightness with respiratory difficulty;
- He suffered from postural hypotension obviously, he can feel dizziness when lifting up his head;
- He suffered from incontinence of urination and bowl movement.

After the 1st round stem cell treatment:
- The muscle strength and movement range of his 4 limbs are improved obviously, the muscle strength of his waist is improved obviously, he can sit, stand and walk by himself, he can perform his daily activity by himself;
- The sensation level is lowered to beneath the navel;
- The sensation of his chest tightness is disappeared, he can breathe smoothly;
- His postural hypotension is improved obviously, he can not feel dizziness even sitting up completely;
- He can perceive his urination and keep to control 5-6 minutes before excretion.

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