Ahmad (Israel)- Spinal Cord Injury (Male,29 years old)

SCI-Isarel-AHMADAhmad is Israel 29 years old male patient suffering from spinal cord injury. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of sensation and movement disorder of 4 limbs with incontinence of -urination and bowl movement for over 1 year after the gun shoot. He happened to be shot to his neck in May, 2010, at the same time, he suddenly felt the paining of his neck, limited movement of his 4 limbs, no coma, no nausea and no incontinence of urination and bowl movement. His family members sent him to local hospital, the CT of his neck indicated: C4 vertebra body burst fracture with dislocation. He was given urinary catheterization, transfusion (detailed medicines and dosages were not clear.), fixation of cervical gear and other symptomatic treatments. But he could not feel his 4 limbs and move them, the sensation beneath his neck was reduced with incontinence of urination and bowl movement. He was given vertebral bodies open reduction internal Titanium plate fixation with cervical back approach. After the surgery, he was offered nerve nutrition and occupational rehabilitation exercises and other treatments for 8 months, during the treatment period, he felt the sensation level lowering, he could move his upper limbs on bed level.

He received the stem cell treatment in our hospital for further improvements.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- The sensation of his pain, temperature and touch was lost beneath the nipple level;
- He could lift up his upper limbs from the bed level, the fingers of his both hands could not move, his lower limbs could not move voluntarily with stiffness;
- His urination needed catheterization, his stool was dry without perceiving and excrete by enema per 2-3 days.

After the stem cell treatment:
- The sensation level is lowered obviously;
- The muscular tension of his 4 limbs is improved obviously;
- The muscle strength of his limbs and fingers is improved obviously;
- He can perceive and control his urination and bowl movement partly.

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