Abulahan (Kazakhastan)- Cerebral Palsy (Male,9 years old)- 2006

CP-Kazakhstan-AbulahanAbulahan is a Kazakhastan 9 years old male patient suffering from cerebral palsy. He was admitted to our hospital for the chief complaint of movement dysfunction of his 4 limbs and speech disorder for over 8 years. He was born in local hospital with full-term gestation but dystocia, amniatic fluid early broke, received vacuum extraction of fetal head. After born, he did not cry, no breath, no heart beat with whole body purple, Apgar scoring is 1. His breath and heart beat were restored after 10 minutes emergency rescue treatment. The hemorrhage of his nose and ears was occurred. Because of not receiving special examination, he was diagnosed as intracranial hemorrhage and offered symptomatic treatment. The hemorrhage was halted 1 month before his discharge. His vital signs were normal when he discharged. He was admitted to the local hospital for 10 days treatment following the doctors' advice when he was 3 months but not receiving any examination, his medical condition was same as before. From then on, he was admitted interruptedly to this local hospital for continuous treatments without obvious improvements. After born, he could not chew by himself, he could not hold anything when being 5 months, he could not sit by himself, he could not speak or stand when being 1 years old. In June, 2006, he was offered MRI of head in Qinghua university Yuquan hospital, then was diagnosed as cerebral palsy and suggested for stem cell treatment in our hospital. After going back to discuss together, he was taken by his family members for the stem cell treatment in our hospital.

Before the stem cell treatment:
- His cognitive ability is not bad;
- He could not speak, only could pronounce"a";
- He could not chew;
- He could lie with plate-on, but his position is not coordinated, he could not roll over on bed, he could not crawl, sit, stand or walk independently, he could walk by assistant with dropping feet, scissors gait.

After the stem cell treatment:
- The muscular tension of his limbs is normal;
- The muscle strength of his neck, back, waist and limbs is improved obviously, he can sit by himself, he can stand by assistant for a longer period, he can walk by assistant without dropping feet and scissors gait;
- His chewing ability is improved obviously.

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