About Us

The Stem Cell Department of General hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces is the first neural stem cell transplantation centre in China, which went through the World Health Organisation (WHO) clinical trial registration. The Hospital has also obtained the FDA clinical trial approval and had our laboratory certified with Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) certification of stem cell research and preparation. So far we have used stem cell therapy to treat 16,000+ patients from more than 30 countries. Click Here to read about treatment cases>>

The General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces, founded in 1937. It is a top level (3A) government and military hospital. It contains healthcare services, scientific research, medical treatments and education, aiming at establishing a center of excellence.

Dedicated to Promoting a New Regenerative Medicine

There are over 2,000 professional medical and technological personnel now, among those personnel, over 200 staff achieved senior professional title, over 85% staff acquired master and PHD education level, 56 master advisors and doctoral advisors, over 200 person-times taking charge of above provincial academic positions; 5 members of specialists of 3-grade technologies; 4 directors of committee member and vice committee members of national professional societies; 16 directors of committee member of the medical science technology committee of the headquarters of general staff; 2 person-times enjoy government special allowance;35 person-times enjoy the army allowance of outstanding professional and technical personnel.

The Stem Cell Department was co-founded in 2003 by Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing Neurological Institute and General hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces under the leadership of Dr. Zhongcheng Wang, who served as the chief of the Committee of Neurosurgeons of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

The department is the first treatment center focusing on the clinical use of stem cells based on the research, follow-up treatment and rehabilitation. By developing novel, innovative procedures, we have improved our medical skills to help patients achieve the best curative effect.Click Here to Read about Our Stem Cells Treatment Status of each Disease >>

Medical Breakthroughs

The hospital has a complete range of professional medical subjects, the advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies, modern medical equipments, thoughtful living facilities and deep cultural heritage. There are over 1,430 beds launched for patients’ treatment, setted up national and military key discipline- army tuberculosis institute, army organ transplantation institute, stem cell transplantation department, army orthopedics department etc. 45 professional medical disciplines, the annual average person-time of outpatient is over 1400,000 cases, the annual average person-time of inpatient is over 40,000 cases, the annual average person-time of the operation is over 20,000 cases. It possesses the 3T nuclear magnetic resonance, 320 rank CT, PET-CT, gama knife etc.large-scale medical and research facilities and equipments, the relevant value approaches to 500 millian RMB; HIS, PACS, LIS etc. clinical application information system are setted up completely.

Emphasis on Quality & Safety

Safety and curative effects are our highest priority in our stem cell treatments. We execute the standard western medical procedures: basic research, applied research and clinical trials on non-human primates. As a result we have had a deep understanding of stem cells mechanism and the therapeutic values they offer. Click Here to Read more about Stem Cells' Quality & Safety >>

Research Center

Hospital scientific researches tightly keep up with the clinical work whilst it highlights the transformation of the innovation and scientific researches, 2122 papers published on statistics source journals, 146 dissertations of SCI, EI, undertake national army 85 items (provincial) scientific research subject, 57 items science and technology achievement above army level(provincial), including the first prize of 5, the second prize of 19, especially one won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2012, two laboratory construction is qualified respectively by the army and Beijing municipal key laboratory evaluation, fill out the blank of no key laboratory of national award of science and technology and the army since the hospital is established.