A girl (Qatar)- Spinal Cord Injury (T12-L2)(Female,23-year-old)- August, 2014

Better future belongs to those who never give up.

A girl from Qatar, 23 year old.T12-L2 spinal cord injury, lower body paralysis.

In 2011, patient ran into a car incident during tourism. When her car knock down a stone on the road, the car turned over, other attendants died on site. The girl is a lucky survivor. However she suffereda lot for the process of treatment and the pains of lost her family members. She was a strong minded girl trying to keep smiles on her face all the time. She never gave up for the hope of physical improvements.

Before treatment:
she could not sense her legs well and no sensation on feet.
Can move her leg a little bit.
Could not stand straight.

Patient came to our hospital for stem cell treatment in August, 2014.

After treatment:
1 week later, she could sense a little for feet. Have more sensation on legs. Her back feel more strength.
1 month later, patient have obvious sensation of legs and feet. Feel more powerful for whole her body.
2 months later, patient could move her toes. It’s the dramatic improvements for her life in the past 3 years. Could stand straight and walk longer distance.

Now she is studying in university and cherishes the new life very well. She also praying for a 2nd round of treatment coming soon, for even better improvements-walk longer and better.

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